Hello Soccer Families!

For over a decade now, we have had the privilege of having LOU NAGY as a game-changing leader in our community. Yesterday, we said goodbye to Lou as our Technical Director, and we want to recognize him for everything he has done for our Club and community.  

Ancaster Soccer Club is extremely grateful for all of the time, effort and genuine compassion that Lou has put in for the club, the teams, the coaches and all of the players.  Lou is the kind of man who lives for the game.  

His personal soccer bio is beyond impressive, being known as a scoring machine, a former National Team player, and a former professional player in the North American Soccer League (NASL) and Major Indoor Soccer League (MISL).  As well, he’s been an invaluable coach and mentor to players both on the field, and in life, coaching many teams in the Hamilton area throughout the years.

Lou brought his backpack of tools and years of experience to help grow & develop the ASC players and coaches.  He is well loved and highly respected in Ancaster and across the Canadian soccer community.

Lou we thank you for your time with our club. We wish you well on your next adventures, and retirement!  Florida sounds like the best winter plan ever, don’t forget about us while you’re soaking up the sun all winter!

If you want to reach out and thank Lou personally, feel free to email him directly at: louisnagy17@hotmail.com

– The Ancaster Soccer Club