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The Ontario Soccer Player Development Department provides practices for coaches to use to help make the game enjoyable for players U4-U12.

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For specific age groups:

5 to 8 year olds

6 to 8 year olds

8 to 10 year olds

Preferred Training Model Activities:

Active Start Activities:

Ancaster SC uses the Four Corner LTPD model which consists of technical, psychological, physical and social/emotional components.

Each corner of the model reflects a wide aspect of a player’s development that has to be considered. The gradual progressive development of players is fundamental to the enjoyment, technical competency, and retention in the game. The Four Corner approach places the player at the center of the development process with soccer experiences that meet the four key needs of the player.

OSA Matrices

Ancaster Soccer follows the two matrices linked below, including their policies on playing time, game duration, and amount of competition days.

Development Matrix (Outdoor)

Recreational Matrix (Outdoor)

The Ancaster Soccer Club

ASC Game Day Roster Sizes

U5-U6 = 3 vs 3 (max game day roster size = 6, and a minimum of 1 Coach)

U7-U8 = 5 vs 5 (max game day roster size = 10, and a minimum of 1 Coach)

Players are free to move between teams at the discretion of the coaches. For age groups with only one team, players will have the same roster throughout the season.