U5 & U6 Grassroots

Ancaster Soccer Club U5 & U6 Rules

The Practice

  • Children this young should spend 20 to 30 minutes with their own soccer ball prior to their game.
  • Activities for these age groups will be provided for the HERO (Coach).
  • Technical support & Guidance will be available for the Coach, pre-season and during season.
  • Recommended activities geared to age, will be provided with a curriculum for the entire season.

The Game

  • Children play soccer to score goals, please encourage all children, regardless of team, to dribble the ball to score goals and celebrate their achievement.
  • Coach from the side, not in front of them blocking their way towards goal.

Substitutions can be made at ANY stoppage of play.

Fouls and Stoppages

No Penalty Kicks

  • Let’s enjoy our children playing. In time they will need to follow these type of rule.

Goal Kicks

  • The ball shall be placed anywhere in front of their own goal or goal line to re-start the game.
  • All players should be inside their own half of the field when a goal kick is taken by the opposite team.
  • There are NO corner kicks.

Free Kicks

  • There are NO free kicks. Let the children play.


If the ball crosses the touch line, a kick in is awarded to the opposing team. Kick-Ins are treated as an indirect free kick.