House League Refereeing

Ancaster Soccer Club is committed to the training and development of qualified Match Officials (Referees). As a club we are proud of the Zero Tolerance Policy and positive environment for our Match Officials.

We are proud to be among the biggest employers for the youth of the Ancaster community since the club’s inception. Tens of thousands of youngsters can say, “my first job was as a Referee for Zach at the Ancaster Soccer Club”.

It has become the norm, as it should be…

Play here and work here!

2019 ASC Referee Presentation


All Match Officials are required to complete the Respect in Sport certification. After completing the certification, you will be provided with a certification number. That number is required in order to complete the registration process.

Follow this link in order to access the page:

Please note: Match Officials who completed an Entry Level or Small Sided course in 2018, are required to now register annually in order renew your Match Official license and remain in good standing. Please review the process below on how to register:

  1. Log In to Ref Centre
  2. Under the Registration tab on the home page, select “register now” from the drop down.
  3. Complete the 2019 Registration Exam.
  4. Once the exam is completed, you will be re-directed to a new page to input your Respect in Sport certification code.
  5. Once entered, you will be prompted to the payment page.
  6. Once your payment is processed, your registration is complete and you will be able to accept games.


Register on Hadmin

  • Visit Hadmin, in the top right corner click “Login/Register”, “Not a member yet? Sign Up!” and enter your name and email (must be the same email you used for If your RefCentre email is not your own email, change it on RefCentre before you try to register on Hadmin. There is a referee YouTube video tutorial on the side, if you have any issues, the District contact info is on the side.
  • Once you are in Hadmin… Click on “Game Officials Module”, then “Set Up Availability & Accept Assignments”. Please watch the YouTube tutorial that is on this page. If you have any issues, the District contact info is on the side of the homepage.


  • Ancaster Soccer Club does not maintain, any RefCentre issues contact:
  • Ancaster Soccer Club does not maintain Hadmin, any Hadmin issues contact:
  • Just because you took a course, or live in Ancaster, does not mean you have a “right” to referee. Assignments are given based on ability, willingness to learn and complying with Ancaster Soccer Club’s Referee Code of Conduct

For any further questions, please email Zach at

Members of the Match Official Mentor program take on their annual Toronto FC game